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Natural Wellness For Holistic Wellbeing.

I am overflowing with joy to know that you are here right now (The perfect time). Protecting our health is so important, when life can change in the blink of an eye. Strengthening our bodies natural functions is the only way to ensure a long, happy, healthy life. Earth provides us with all of the flowering and fruiting tools we need for this. I will help you navigate which of these tools are for you. Many times we know what we "should be doing" for our wellbeing but we just don't do it. As your partner I will help you find natural wellness solutions that flow, not infringe. Reconnect to the Earth with me and be rooted in your unique wellness.

Together let's stress less and be well.


Summer Chandler uses her knowledge as a trained Herbalist and Licensed Bodywork Therapist to help you reach your personal wellness goals. This process will begin improving your quality of life from day one and prevent avoidable health problems later in life. Embracing a sense of one-ness with the Earth as our ancestors did. Through the up's and the down's, you need someone on your side. Someone to help you implement the changes you will need as you evolve.

This program is perfect for anyone that is ready to root themselves in wellness the way nature intended.

The Signature Program

4 Months

8 Unique products total

6 Custom Herbal Products

​4 One on one Discover & Achieve sessions

Life long access to the Worthy & Well beings group for discounts on your herbs & further sessions.


Our initial Discover & Achieve conversation we will go over the goals you have for your wellness. If you are under the care of a medical doctor we will go over their goals for you as well. We will take a peak into the past so we can re-write the future. Lastly, I bring you into the process of formulating your own herbal products. Because no one knows you better than you and It is so fun to help people see just how intuitive they really are.

One week later you receive you first batch of products along with a card on how to use these products as aids in your journey. You will have a list of suggested therapies in your area and in most cases we have done the research for you for the best match in your area.

We will meet again twice for monthly Discover & Achieve Sessions 40 minutes each. Where we discuss how your herbs & products are working for you before we create your second batch and evaluate your local practitioners plan and results.


Your second batch comes at the beginning of month 3 and we will have another Discover & Achieve session at the beginning of month 4.

 To close out this transformative experience we will have a closing call where I give you access to Worthy & Well beings group so you can access your products for less. Inside Worthy & Wellbeings you will also be able to take advantage of my exclusive month-to-month holistic herbal consultations. 

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