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Nature is calling us. How to connect with nature and why.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Our food sprouts out of the ground we walk on. The water that flows through us, comes from the rivers that flow around us. The same ground our animals graze off of, is the ground that grows what all medicine Is based off of. It is the life that we share and the life that gives us life. Nature.

To a society that is spending more time indoors than ever before our connection to nature may be experiencing some “technical difficulties” *poor connection please try again later*.

🥬Lett-us get started...

Be mindfully present in nature

This means going to a beach, forest, nature trail or your backyard. While you are there, try to be fully aware. Tune into all of your senses. Different places will allow for different experiences. When swimming in a natural body of water think about how many are provided life because of it. Observe the beauty of a peak or the vast depth of a forest and feel a sense of gratitude for where you are. Understanding that like the other animals in the forest you are living and breathing because of the trees and the plants.

Wild Craft or Garden

Wild crafting is picking wild plants for culinary, medicinal or aesthetic purposes, instead of purchasing them from a store. We begin to relate produce, herbs and even flowers to grocery stores and the true source fades into the background, forming a disconnect. I have found that this simple act of picking straight from Mother Earth is an amazing bond strengthener! Use respect for the ecosystems you receive from being careful to not over pick. Gardening can be a great alternative to wild crafting, serving the same purpose.

Why connect to nature?

Connecting with Nature can bring about a deep sense of relaxation and even purpose to our daily lives. Studies have shown that spending time out doors lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Like this study on what the Japanese call Shinrin-yoku, which means to take in the Forest Atmosphere or Forest Bathing.

This is a whole different can of beans but It may also be vital to our future. Those that walk through our forests and feel their unity among nature are probably not going to be the ones tearing it down. As deforestation pushes animals out of their homes and into ours, illnesses we are not prepared for are introduced. Our sources of clean water and nutrients are contaminated by a prolonged disregard. Read about the link between forest loss and disease demonstrated by Stanford researchers in this study or this one on air pollution's link to COVID19 and other viruses.

The more you connect, the more you will care and the more you can do to be apart of the preservation of this lush Earth.

Thanks so much for reading. I would love to hear about how you connect with our Earth so leave a comment to be apart of the conversation.

For more content that inspires you to live your best life, caring for your wellness while being kind to the planet~

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