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Tuning Forks. You’ll be glad you tuned in.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Mental clarity, sinus pressure relief, goodbye muscle aches!? Have we found the mac-daddy of healing instruments yet? Let’s find out.

What are they?

Tuning forks are tools made of metal (usually steel) with two prongs separated from each other so they can vibrate freely when knocked on, or struck by a semi hard surface. There is a base extending from the end that is used to hold the tuning fork and place it on the body.

A tool first made in England to tune musical instruments was recognized by an English osteopath as a therapy in the 1960’s. A therapy he believed could treat arthritis, pain caused by chronic inflammation and even an infection. This is based on the idea that all things have a vibrational frequency, the earth, our selves, our spirits.

What are my clients saying?

As a Spirit & Bodyworker in north Florida I have clients of all demographics. The young and old, wealthy and skating by, the transformations I’ve seen in as little as one session have been impressive.

“I feel different than I ever have before” A school teacher told me after her session.

“The knots that have been in my lower back for years are slowly breaking up”. A business owner called after her morning appointment.

”That was amazing I can breathe again!“ Said another client following just 5 minutes of facial tuning around the sinus cavities.

I like where this is going already...

Off body VS. On body

Off body tuning forks like the one to the left of the picture are used just as the name implies. Off the body, the sounds rings in and out of your ear drums, Guiding you into a deep meditative state, clearing the room of all energy, re-attuning your biofield.

Some frequencies can even be felt all over the body during this technique.

On body tuning forks are usually weighted like the one on the right. The weight sends the vibration downwards into the body tissue. This feels like a massage for your deeper organs. When struck the sound is not as loud as its unweighted counterpart but the vibration is felt deeper.

How I use them everyday

So far we’ve covered some history, heard some client feedback and talked about what they’re used for. Now, I want to give you my honest opinion and experience using them as tools for my own well-being.

I use a weighted tuning fork (tuned to 136.1, A frequency of Ohm) and a 4096 (frequency of a quartz crystal). Gliding the Ohm tuning fork down my forearm relieves me of the soreness from a long day of massaging or painting. Listening to the vibration of either fork in the car or before a meditation resets my brain to a place of peace and clarity. These have easily became my favorite self care tools in the past few months. Everyone’s different and maybe these won’t be for you but I hope you enjoyed the read, Thankyou so much for ”tuning in”!

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