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What is the EWG? - Live more natural

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

What is the EWG and how can I use their information to adopt a more natural, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Aiming for “all natural” is not about buying products labeled organic, natural or preservative free.

Going natural is about educating yourself on what chemicals and ingredients are harmful or potentially harmful and making an informed decision for the wellbeing of yourself and family. As demonstrated on the EWG’s website- hundreds of products on the market today have chemicals that lack adequate research to prove their safety. Lack of proven safety accompanied by research with some disturbing results will make you wonder “Why didn’t I know sooner?”

You couldn‘t have known sooner but you can know now!”

Environmental Working Group

is a non-profit team of researchers composed of scientists, data analysts, lobbyists, toxicologists, a nutritionists and a whole band of other staff members that help get the message to the masses. The team is spearheaded by Ken Cook in California. Ken continues to devote his life’s work to helping people protect their children and families from toxic substances. Ken Cook’s drive and successes would make any green go-er tip their hat. From testifying in the White House, to addressing toxic chemicals in our food on national television, even challenging some of the largest producers in the world.

Navigating their site is simple.

Let’s take for example you are looking to purchase a new face wash that is cleansing but does not contain anything harmful (a more natural option). You would head over to and read one of their many articles. You can browse their repertoire on the home page to learn about what ingredients your going to look out for.

This may seem like a lot of work for your next face wash but being informed will help you make the best decision for your body and the planet.

They have made it even easier! The EWG Healthy living app makes it as simple as scanning a products barcode to see an easy to read rating of the overall product. The free app features an interactive ingredients list where you can read about each ingredient and their ratings on things like endocrine disruption and environmental toxicity. You can even see the scientific data linked right on the page!

Don’t get overwhelmed.

EWG is just one of the many rich resources out there for living sustainable and more natural lives. If your new to this or have been raising your eyebrow at factory farms or product labels for a long time, remember: don’t get overwhelmed. It may feel impossible some days and you may have to go with ”the lesser of two evils” from time to time but your compassion and effort are greatly appreciated by the planet and may give you and your family the benefit of a better quality of life.

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Happy Living!

This is not a paid advertisement nor is Holistic Wellbeings LLC affiliated with the Environmental Working group at the time of publishing.

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